Lorraine Cloutier was born in Valleyfield on October 29, 1957. She is the youngest of a family of two children. She grew up in Beauharnois where she lived until 2009 to then settle in the Laurentians. Bold and adventurous, she grows up with nature surrounding her which unwittingly inspired her overflowing imagination.

From an early age, she discovers her talent for drawing. As a young adult, she enrolls in art where she reveals all the determination and perseverance she is capable of so as to achieve her goal, paint! Once her interest in painting is substantiated, passion settles in and her creativity explodes.

However, life makes her take a long detour. She discovers, among other things, the horticulture and the magic of colors that flowers offers her. Even then, she still feels a compelling need to create, to self-express. She then meets teachers who enable her to discover her full potential. She also makes the acquaintance of important people who will define and mark her creative path. Finally, her dreams and her passion become reality. More determined than ever, she follows the momentum and puts no limit to her ambitions!

A woman of heart, Lorraine Cloutier appreciates life and feels blessed to have had so many artists who have marked and stimulated her journey as a painter.


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